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What is Archaeo-Astronomy?

Archaeo Astronomy is the new term comprising of 2 components. Archaeo is derived from archaic and astronomy is the science of sky observations. The subject Archaeo Astronomy deals with a new way of utilising science.

In the last decade or so, NASA has been regularly sending space mission like the Voyager I & II to the outer planets. It takes about 10 to 12 years for the spacecraft to reach the outer planets like Saturn, Jupiter and Uranus. For the spacecraft to reach the orbit of the respective planet correctly, the space agency have come up with a software called Planetarium Software. This software is based on an extremely accurate and precise understanding of the revolution speed of these planets and other stellar bodies.

This software has now become declassified and is available for public use.

Indian literature is embedded with description of astronomical events.

This software can be innovatively utilised by us today to give specific dates to the events mentioned in the Indian legends.

In the Ramayana text also in a few places, Valmiki has mentioned in passing, embedding in the dialogues of the characters the details of the night sky and other astral events. These have been carefully culled out.

When this data of the sky observation is culled out and entered in the planetarium software, the software throws up dates when the particular sky configuration really happened in the past. Using this methodology, we have come up with specific dates for the events mentioned in the Ramayana text.

This modern technique of archaeology Archaeo Astronomy is still not widely accepted or practiced by traditional historians as it requires knowledge of traditional astronomy, mathematics as well modern day sky chart reading techniques all of which go into the realm of science. This branch of history requires and will create a new breed of Historians and has the potential to date more events from our vast store of literature.