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In recent times, there has been a debate raging in the public domain on the historicity of Rama, which has come forth because of the Rama Setu issue. In this raging public debate, people have taken stances which are either black or white. This has left little option for a rational approach to understanding based on historicity of Rama.

Through this effort, we look at the researched information from a rational, scientific and logical perspective to try and understand if Rama has in reality been a historical person.

In the last decade or so, the scientific advancements that have taken place, have helped scientific historians revisit the text for historical proofs.

Through the various links in this website, you can unravel the historicity of Rama.

Only if Rama is a historical person and the events mentioned in the texts are historical, can the Setu mentioned in the Ramayana, probably be a man made structure.

This compilation is not an ad-hoc effort after the topic became a public debate. It has been a part of Bharath Gyan effort in compiling specific, scientific information on the knowledge of India for well over 6 years in 64 other subjects which may be viewed at our website

The research compilation is with the inputs given by traditional scholars juxtaposed with the views of modern scientists.

The beauty and marvel of the whole endeavour is that all the individual aspects of the knowledge of India fit in beautifully into a large jigsaw puzzle, which is India.