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NASA Images - Is there a mismatch?

NASA through their satellites have been photographing the skies and different parts of the world. In this process, they have also photographed South India and Sri Lanka. Being Satellite / aerial photography the bridge is also clearly visible in the photograph as a causeway. These photograph suddenly kindled the interest in the Indians who were looking for scientific proofs for the bridge constructed by Rama and his team.

NASA in their statement on these photographs have stated that the land at both ends of the causeway are over 1.7 million years old which can be corroborated with geology, archaeology and other fields. Obviously for the purpose of dating this land, photography is not the only method. It can at best be an additional tool. Some over zealous persons jumped on to this suggestive date as it fitted well with the Indian Treta Yuga calculation in lakhs of years. This obviously led to a denial statement from the NASA officials.

We need to look at the images and the original statements of NASA and draw a scientific understanding of what the bridge / causeway can mean.

There are three things that we can draw from NASAís photograph statements are

  1. The bridge / causeway has been identified as Adamís bridge.
  2. The time period mentioned therein of 1.7 million years is not of the bridge / causeway but the two ends of the adjoining land.
  3. The shape of this structure which has a unique curvature suggests that it could be man made. It is not an emphatic statement, but only a suggestive view based on an observation.
  4. These 3 aspects can be viewed in the satellite photograph given below