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How did the name change from Nala Setu to Adam’s Bridge?

The Sri Lankan Muslims called this bridge as ‘Aadhaam Bridge’ because their first Islamic leader traveled over this bridge by foot from India and thus this bridge has a holy connotation for them.

When the Europeans conquered Sri Lanka, since the name Adam was easy on their tongue and had a meaning for the Europeans too, it popularly came to be called Adam’s Bridge.

Rama after winning over Ravana and rescuing Sita flew back in the Pushpaka Vimana. During this flight Rama shows to Sita this particular bridge they crossed over and explains to her that the construction of this bridge was very difficult and it was possible due to the ingenuity and the engineering skill of Nala and hence he has called the bridge as ‘Nala Setu’.

Later, the people due to their adoration to Rama called this bridge ‘Rama Setu’.